Table of Contents

  • I.   ~Foreword by Frans Welman
  • II.  ~Prologue: At the End of an AK-47

Part One: Life in the Village

  • Jungle Marooned
  • The Naga During the British Era
  • Hawai Mangan on Christmas Eve
  • The Struggle for Independence
  • Bringing Home Snakes
  • The God of Nagalim
  • Village School Days
  • Surviving Village Life

Part Two: Manhood in Manipur

  • Respect and Intimidation
  • Training a Warrior
  • Note to Reader: Blank Pages Ahead
  • At the End of an AK-47, Take Two
  • Healing Never Comes Easy
  • Oinam and Operation Bluebird
  • E’ve Been Expecting You
  • The Prodigal Meets King David
  • Development of the Naga Worldview

Part Three: A New Chapter in Delhi

  • Run in With a Rickshaw
  • Naga Party Life
  • Introducing the Girl
  • The Lure of the Fight
  • Delhi Fight Club
  • Fight Culture and Opportunity
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Politics and the Dalits
  • A Meeting in the Jungle
  • A Home Without Snakes
  • A Father’s Warning
  • A Rainy Day
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Battlefield
  • The Devil Collects Twice

Part Four: Second Chances

  • Stranded and Alone
  • The Bad News
  • A Stranger in The Gym
  • Getting a Job
  • Herding Goats
  • They Came for a Show
  • Kung Fu for Jesus
  • Teaching in the Temple
  • Battlefield, Part Two
  • Kumar Returns

Part Five: Loose Cannons

  • Parting Ways with AIA
  • Another Author’s Note
  • Leaps and Bounds
  • The Big Event
  • Church Partners
  • I’ll Burn You Down
  • Grasping Hands

Part Six: Out of India

  • Trip to Thailand
  • Introducing the Girl, Part Two
  • Hong Kong Courtship
  • Meeting the Family
  • Bumpy Spell
  • Idaho Calm
  • Idaho Desert

Part Seven: Welcome to the Empty Hand Revolution

  • Goodbye to Grabbing Hands
  • Cosmo’s View From Nampa
  • III.  ~Epilogue: In Cosmo’s Own Words
  • IV. ~Greetings From the Author
  • V.  ~Teaser: Cosmo and Chancho
  • VI. ~Appendices: Jay’s Story, Naga Resources, Getting to Know Jesus: The Big Story

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