Empty Hand Revolution

Table of Contents

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  • I.   ~Foreword by Frans Welman
  • II.  ~Prologue: At the End of an AK-47

Part One: Life in the Village

  • Jungle Marooned
  • The Naga During the British Era
  • Hawai Mangan on Christmas Eve
  • The Struggle for Independence
  • Bringing Home Snakes
  • The God of Nagalim
  • Village School Days
  • Surviving Village Life

Part Two: Manhood in Manipur

  • Respect and Intimidation
  • Training a Warrior
  • Note to Reader: Blank Pages Ahead
  • At the End of an AK-47, Take Two
  • Healing Never Comes Easy
  • Oinam and Operation Bluebird
  • E’ve Been Expecting You
  • The Prodigal Meets King David
  • Development of the Naga Worldview

Part Three: A New Chapter in Delhi

  • Run in With a Rickshaw
  • Naga Party Life
  • Introducing the Girl
  • The Lure of the Fight
  • Delhi Fight Club
  • Fight Culture and Opportunity
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Politics and the Dalits
  • A Meeting in the Jungle
  • A Home Without Snakes
  • A Father’s Warning
  • A Rainy Day
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Battlefield
  • The Devil Collects Twice

Part Four: Second Chances

  • Stranded and Alone
  • The Bad News
  • A Stranger in The Gym
  • Getting a Job
  • Herding Goats
  • They Came for a Show
  • Kung Fu for Jesus
  • Teaching in the Temple
  • Battlefield, Part Two
  • Kumar Returns

Part Five: Loose Cannons

  • Parting Ways with AIA
  • Another Author’s Note
  • Leaps and Bounds
  • The Big Event
  • Church Partners
  • I’ll Burn You Down
  • Grasping Hands

Part Six: Out of India

  • Trip to Thailand
  • Introducing the Girl, Part Two
  • Hong Kong Courtship
  • Meeting the Family
  • Bumpy Spell
  • Idaho Calm
  • Idaho Desert

Part Seven: Welcome to the Empty Hand Revolution

  • Goodbye to Grabbing Hands
  • Cosmo’s View From Nampa
  • III.  ~Epilogue: In Cosmo’s Own Words
  • IV. ~Greetings From the Author
  • V.  ~Teaser: Cosmo and Chancho
  • VI. ~Appendices: Jay’s Story, Naga Resources, Getting to Know Jesus: The Big Story
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Table of Contents

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David Mark Brown

After a classic eighties’ childhood as a rancher’s son in Texas, I attended University of Montana, then spent thirteen years as a campus pastor with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Boise State University and the University of Utah. In 2009, my wife and I made the decision to jettison our lucrative day jobs and raise a family while I pursued full time work as a novelist and writer. Two sons and eight books later, we found ourselves living in Nampa, Idaho and taking our eldest boy to kung fu classes at Empty Hand Combat. The rest, as they say, is history. When I'm not donating my writerly efforts, I'm creating sci-fi and dystopian worlds for all ages to enjoy.

Table of Contents February 3, 2014