Empty Hand Revolution

David Mark Brown

Jay’s Story February 25, 2014

At fourteen years of age, I was labeled a “troubled kid” with PTSD and explosive disorder. My bad past did nothing but fuel the fire. After getting in trouble at school one day, I wandered downtown looking for a place to do community service. That was when I met Cosmo Zimik. He was sweeping outside…

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Empty Hand Revolution

Reserve Your Copy of EHR February 3, 2014

To ensure you don’t miss our introductory offer, reserve your copy of Empty Hand Revolution. After the ebook version is officially launched, we will offer the ebook at the price of $2.99* for two weeks or until we sell 5,000 copies (whichever comes first). This is for two reasons. First, we want to offer friends…

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Cosmo holding the sun

Prologue February 3, 2014

Cosmo opened his eyes at the slightest sound approaching him from behind. His senses quickly gathered how long he’d been meditating. The sky remained dark. The jungle had reached its quietest point during day or night. Dew had settled on his arms and legs. Within minutes, the first tinges of pink, orange and yellow would…

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Jungle Marooned: 1975 February 3, 2014

Nothing about the surroundings were alien accept the mood. The tangy spice of decomposing cardamom pods intermingled with the odor of Cosmo’s own sweat. The bracken of the jungle floor, the high-pitched call of warblers, the distant chattering of the river from the base of the valley—these were the telltale signs of home. The fear…

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Naga Hills

The Naga During the British Era February 3, 2014

The Naga inhabit a remote and mountainous section of jungle straddling the border of Northeast India and Burma (Myanmar). Until British efforts to incorporate their land in the late nineteenth century, the Naga peoples quarreled only among themselves and neighboring Kukis. Due to the ruggedness of the land and the stiff resistance of the Nagas,…

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